Film School wins a Safer Communities Award!

Scottish Community Safety Network

The Friend Request Project by Film School uses a multi-faceted approach to raising awareness of stalking and associated behaviour. The Project won the Early Intervention and Education category at the 2015 Safer Communities Awards.

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As this project is a relatively new resource and stalking is a newly classified crime, there was no available data in South Ayrshire to provide a baseline. An initial evaluation was based on experiences of young people who developed the resource and as a result was mainly qualitative data.
All thirteen rated the project as ‘very good/good’ and all of them said it had made them think differently about stalking and indicated that they felt that they had an increased awareness of the issues surrounding stalking and on-line safety.
The delivery of the project was monitored by Community Safety staff who attended the weekly film schools sessions. Ongoing monitoring of the project will take place through the South Ayrshire Multi-Agency Partnership to tackle Violence Against Women and Children (MAP) Subgroup.

Click on the below link to see the full PDF summary of the award

Friend Request

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